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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You hate to write and don't wish to pay overpriced outsourcers to write for you.
  • Most of the bland, formulaic PLR you find online read and sound like they were written by robots.
  • You cannot find PLR for the little niches you are in.
  • Flaming Hot PLR solves all these little hurdles that most marketers have when buying PLR.

We have amazing PLR content that you can use for your:

  • Articles
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Why should you use PLR?

  • It's easy, fast and very affordable.
  • It will take you hours to write content yourself.
  • It will cost you hundreds or even thousands to hire freelancers to write for you.


In many cases, you hardly get your money's worth and receive spun, shoddy content that doesnt even read well.

The top rate writers charge $15 and above per article and that is a pretty steep price to pay for content.

Flaming Hot PLR provides you excellent quality PLR at a fraction of the price. I've created PLR packs with resell rights that are sold by many other PLR sites all over the internet. Check out what my customers are saying.

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Why Choose Flaming Hot PLR?

  • All articles are of high quality, written with flair and attitude. You will look like an expert in your niche.
  • Guaranteed to hook your reader by the eyeballs and reel them into your content.
  • If you can't find PLR for your niche, use the form below and send me your topic.
  • Most of the articles cost less than $1 each. No more outsourcing!
  • The PLR is relevant, evergreen and original.
  • The PLR caters to website owners, affiliates, membership sites, etc.
  • Easy to order and instant download. No membership required!

Flaming Hot PLR offers a wide selection of PLR to cater to different needs. Some PLR can be resold as your own PLR while certain PLR packs are only for personal use!

Some are limited to only 15 or 20 copies so that very few people have them. This dramatically raises the quality of the PLR since not everybody and their plumber has access to it!

There is something for everyone here and if you have any questions, send me an email. The customer support is fantastic!

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Most PLR sites do not offer this for fear of serial refunders. Flaming Hot PLR does not fear freebie seekers! :twisted:

Other than that, you can also find keyword reports, graphics images, videos and much more. 

Who is behind Flaming Hot PLR?

I am :) You can read all about me here.

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